Friday, May 19, 2017

More Summer Fun

I had some great responses from my posts about summer. I'm excited/nervous for the change (change is hard for special needs kiddos) but it is coming whether I am ready or not. And I love looking back on some of our great adventures and remembering the amazing times we had. But sometimes those memories take some planning.

Jaelle from had some great ideas for summer activities. I love that she created lists of read-a-loud books, summer movies, and activities for summer fun. I may just print her whole magazine and put it on my refrigerator. That way I can point to it when the kids get bored and let them choose their activity. Here's her link for some great summer ideas.

Image by Jaelle Kaylor at LDS Parenting 

Other people commented that school's have excellent sports camps for usually a great rate. I have put my children in some of these and they usually had a great time.

I had some people want more information on my weekly plans for Camp Beat the Heat. I've included the Welcome Summer Week and the Mystery Week below.

I also want to mention that I made sure I had some time each week for me. I hired a sitter once a week to come watch my kids and called it my "Mom's Day Out." I would usually grocery shop (because 5 kids, 3 with special needs, 2 not walking well, NOPE). And I would take myself to lunch and read a book. I relaxed and refreshed so I had energy to keep going.

Don't forget to spend some time planning WITH your kids. Create a Summer Bucket list of items they want to do. It may surprise you that their favorite activity isn't the movies, but may be games night with Mom and Dad. Creating a list ensures that everyone's favorite activity will be accomplished before summer's over.

I love spending time with my kids and I'm excited to get Camp Beat the Heat back up and running.

If you have additional summer fun ideas, PLEASE include them below so the rest of us can use your great ideas! Thanks.

Those are some crazy kids!

Welcome Summer Week

Items Needed:

Pop bottles
Check on Window markers and paint

Books Needed:

Summer by Alice Low
Mouse's First Summer Lauren Thompson
Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright

Prep Work:

Prep homemade ice cream

Food Needed:

Capri Sun
Hot dogs
chocolate bars
graham crackers


Summer of the Monkeys


3:00 Pick up from School and go to Bahama Bucks.
4:30 Change clothes and get into pool. Watch movie in pool?
6:00 Pizza Night
7:30 Go over Camp Beat the Heat activities for the summer
·         Schedule (Daily)
·         2 dollars per book (Reading Incentive)
·         Make Poster (Camp Beat the Heat)
·         Do "My Summer Wishlist" for each child
8:30 Introduce 1st Read Aloud Book
9:00 Sleepy time


7:00 Bugle Call
7:30 Cabin Inspection
7:45 Leave for Swim
8:00 Swim Team
9:30 Home and Dressed
·         Morning Chores
·         Clean Room

11:00 Morning Fun Time
·         Beach Party with Friends
·         Treats: 
o   Licorice
o   Capri Suns
o   Fruit
·         Lunch
o   Hot Dogs
o   Chips
o   Homemade Ice Cream
·         Get splash ball to play games

2:00 Send Friends Home, Clean-up Time
2:00 Craft Time
·         Shirts (summer shirts)
·         Message in a bottle to cousins (Letters sent in plastic 2 liter bottle to cousins)
3:00 Leave for Swim Lessons
5:00 ILP Ellie/Levi
6:00 Dinner
6:45 Campfire Night with S'mores and Read Aloud Book
8:30 Lights Out


7:00 Bugle Call
7:30 Cabin Inspection
7:45 Leave for Swim
8:00 Swim Team
9:30 Home and Dressed
·         Morning Chores
·         Clean Room

10:30 Morning Fun Time
·         Start Summer Scrapbook
·         Decorate Car
·         Decorate Back Window (get window friendly paints)
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Makutu's Island
3:30-4:00 Quiet Reading time at Home
4:30 Brain Time
5:30 KP
6:00 Dinner

6:45 Movie Night (Drive In?)

Mystery Week 2010

Items Needed:
mustaches (for disguises)

Books Needed:
Mystery ones (didn't make a list, just searched library for any mystery books)
We liked:
Encyclopedia Brown
I Spy books
Nate the Great
A to Z Mysteries

Prep Work:
Get clues ready for party

Food Needed:

Movies Needed:
Scooby Do


Ellie to play group
Sam has friend over

 Camp Fun Time:
·         Get mustaches
·         Make Message in a Bottle for Levi. Mail it
·         Call friends for party
·         Play mystery board games
·         Make Wanted Poster of Bad Guy
·         Article of Faith 1
Reading Time
·         Mystery Books

Adventure Day
Mystery Dinner

Movie Morning
Games day and Swimming

Friends afternoon: Pool party, clues to find dessert

Home Blessing
Watch a Spy Kids Movie
Mystery Cupcakes for cooking school
Any activities we didn't get done already

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