Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Last Day of School

We have a tradition. The last day of school is a huge celebration that starts with Mom being able to "surprise" the kids.  The first year I did this I filled up water guns and about 75 water balloons.  I left a sign on the front door that I had a surprise for them in the back yard. I ambushed them and then they joined the fight. The kids loved it and so did I.

So the next year I felt I needed to up my game. I bought silly string and we had a silly string war.

Princesses do squirt silly string! 

Even Dad got in on the action.

The best way to get it all off was to just jump in the pool.

Shortly after that we moved to a cul-de-sac with some amazing moms. The neighborhood kiddos were unaware of the tradition so we ambushed all our kids walking home from school.  We had super soakers, water balloons, and whipped cream. It was a messy year. But the kids loved it. 

Four of my kids covered in whipped cream.  Clean-up was crazy.


Covered in whipped cream and water.  Fun times.
I still have the grease spots on my drive-way from the whipped cream. Good memories. And right after the mess, we all changed and got in the pool. Not that the whipped cream helped the pool chemicals any.

The next year the cul-de-sac moms decided to remain cleaner and we stuck with water only.

Except one stray can of whipped cream.

Don't we look lovely after a water fight. But these amazing women keep me sane.

The next year we opted for an even cleaner party and gave the kids ice cream sundaes and root beer floats.  You can see how excited Lia was for that option. She hit the ground running from car pool.

Even Ellie's junior high friends joined in on this end of school party.

Lia still had to get a little messy with the ice cream bowl.  It is tradition after all.

So this year one of our moms moved (still sad about that Vanessa!!) and we haven't decided quite what to do. I need your help with any fun party ideas.  What have you done for the last day of school?

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